St.Michael’s Day in Totonicapan

On September 29 all town’s in Guatemala with San Miguel in their name have a fiesta. The fiesta in San Miguel Totonicapan is especially attractive. The feast of Saint Michael the Archangel honors all angels. Michaelmas means “Michael sent”. If Michael was the one sent to address the shepherds on the night of Christ’s birth – and it was on September 29th, then counting backwards places the day of conception on December 25. In Totonicapan there is a mixture of Quiche Mayan tradition and modern life as seen in these photographs taken on 9/29/15 during the fiesta of San Miguel-St. Michael.DSC_2383DSC_2395DSC_2373DSC_2385DSC_2345DSC_2349DSC_2377DSC_2356DSC_2363

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